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trisbrina   You are invited to join us (Tristan & Sabrina Truscott) in our Awakened Living VIP Club. Isn't it time you had the support coaches and a community of friends who have YOUR best interests at heart? Together we help you Wake-Up to more in all areas of your life -- more vibrant health, conscious wealth, loving relationships and a deeper spiritual connection. Discover below how becoming a member of the VIP Club gives you this... and SO much more!
What Do You Need Most RIGHT NOW?


Someone dying of thirst in the desert has that answer on the tip of their tongue! “I want water. I want shade. I want relief.” Obvious, right? Because they are in a desperate situation, their WANT boils down to their NEED for survival.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, the answer is simple. And if you find someone that can show you the Oasis… whose last drink of water was recent enough that it’s still on their breath… there is no thought or doubt. You simply let them lead you to the Oasis where you will have access to a life of infinite possibilities!

In the Awakened Living Club, we not only help get you out of the desert and lead you to the Oasis, we also show you how once in the Oasis you can live a beyond-your-wildest-dreams magnificent life!

The personal guidance you will receive from Tristan and Sabrina and the genuine support of our VIP member’s community is like having true friends who understand your desires and help you figure out the actions you need to take to achieve your desires. Together we help you monitor your progress, put consistency in your action plan and keep you accountable to yourself.

The Awakened Living Club puts extraordinary resources at your fingertips: Resources that will powerfully improve the quality of both your personal and professional life; offering you an incredible momentum that will propel you beyond what you can even imagine right now.
The Ultimate Ongoing Support System
Motivation • Coaching
• Accountability

Three of the greatest assets people need to move from mediocre results to phenomenal results are motivation, coaching and accountability. To ensure that you reach ALL of your personal and professional goals we help you attain your best results through our VIP coaching sessions. Along with these content-rich training sessions all of your personal questions are answered during the Q&A portion of the coaching sessions. Our vow is to be here for you on your journey.

After working with thousands of students over the past 25 years we can tell you straight up -- the number one human transformation principle that ALWAYS gets you the greatest results in your life is "Consistent Immplementation". There's nothing like consistently applying your transformation tools and principles when it comes to shaping your energy into an awesome life.!

Joining the Awakened Living Club and learning our Satori Method can be your first step towards a whole new level of transformation. It just takes one step... and we will be right here to help you take the next... and the next. Remember what the wise sage Lao Tzu says, "A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step."

Become a VIP Member... APPLY Today!

awakened-living-club-cardYou can apply to join the Awakened Living Club today for an incredibly low rate of ONLY $7.

Applicants will be given a 30-day trial membership to the Awakened VIP Living Club and are invited to stay in the Club for only $47 per month thereafter.

This is a $197 coaching program and you can join now for JUST $7. Simply click the APPLY NOW button to get started and get instant access to the Awakened Living Club.

*We only have a limited amount of slots available at this highly reduced rate. The VIP Coaching rate will be increasing to $97 as these charter member spots fill up. If you hurry you can still get the $7 trial and lock in the $47 monthly rate!

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